Corporate Partner

Victor & Victor joins the entrepreneur as an equity stake holder in a company or a project. Depending on need, we are then involved in all matters of running the company, including matters of legal and commercial structure, commercialization, funding, building the right contacts for the business, working as a sounding board in the running of the day to day business, marketing and negotiations.


Victor & Victor’ s main business idea is to enter a company as a shareholder and thereby creating a joint interest with the entrepreneur. Victor & Victor does however also provide consultancy advice within the same areas. We start by sitting down with the company to understand your needs and agree on a suitable remuneration model for the project at hand. The goal is always to find a structure that creates a partnership where your company’s and Victor & Victor’s interests are aligned and where your company gets assistance in fulfilling and finalizing the project in a way that is satisfactory and foreseeable for all parties involved both when it comes to result and to cost.

Fund Raising

Through our wide network Victor & Victor assists company’s in raising funds for financing of the business. Fund raising is mainly done after agreement with the company but we also actively look for opportunities for our network and will under certain circumstances promote investments in fund raisings not handled in their entirety by Victor & Victor.